Announcing our Second Program Site in Hayward

June 17, 2019 - We are excited to announce some exciting work underway at The Primary School. Having spent the last three years establishing our program in East Palo Alto, we are now working toward the launch of our second program site in Hayward in 2020.

In conversations with community organizations in Hayward, we have learned of the need for stronger early childhood support programs as well as an opportunity to partner closely with the health care community in Hayward.

This summer, families in Hayward will begin to engage in designing the program, a process that was critical to our founding in East Palo Alto. Our aim is to launch programs for parents and toddlers next school year, and to work toward launching a preschool in the fall of 2020.

“We have learned so much about how to break down barriers between the education and health care systems in East Palo Alto, thanks in big part to our families and community partners,” said Dr. Ryan Padrez, our Medical Director. “We are excited to continue growing our program here in East Palo Alto and start launching a second program site so more children can get the holistic care they deserve. ”

We look forward to an exciting year ahead as we welcome our first class of second graders to our school in East Palo Alto and begin to expand our program to other communities. Stay tuned for more as this opportunity unfolds in the coming months!

The Primary School