We are fortunate to have learned from many who came before us in the space.  This document describes the work of some of the organizations that have influenced our design.

View the document here: The Primary School - Model Influences

Key model elements:

  • Health-education integration: We partner with existing health care providers to coordinate care for children, complemented by health promotion work that is woven into our school and family programs. Educators and health care professionals work together to plan and provide whole child supports for children.
  • Inclusion of early childhood: We admit students at or before birth, and provide parent-based, early childhood supports during the critical early years of neurodevelopment. Our early supports focus on early intervention and building strong caregiver-child relationships. Our school starts at age 3 and is a seamless, developmentally appropriate experience that builds year-to-year through middle school.
  • Two-generation supports: Families receive parent coaching to empower them to better support their children and become healthier themselves. The coaching is family-driven, builds social cohesion, and is focused on the individualized needs of every family.
  • Community and wraparound engagement: Our families are diverse and have a wide range of needs, including needs that go beyond health and education (e.g., housing, employment, food security). We have a portfolio of partner programs and services and seek to be a connector between families and providers in the community.
  • Child-centered data integration: We believe data should be child-centered and integrated across systems (i.e., education, healthcare, and family services) to fully support a personalized, team-based approach to care.