program model 

Parent-based support from birth

Our birth to three program strengthens the capacity and confidence of new parents by sharing parenting best practices and helping identify and support their child’s needs early.

School starting at age three

We believe that school should start early, so we are creating a seamless educational experience from preschool to middle school.

Partnership with health care providers

We partner with existing health care providers to coordinate medical care for children, complemented by our own health promotion work in school and family programs.

Coaching and parent support

Every family has a dedicated coach throughout their experience at The Primary School. Parents and caregivers participate in our group-based coaching program in order to grow their social support network, learn how to support their child’s development, and achieve their goals.

Portfolio of partner programs and services

We connect families to service providers in the community to serve the wide range of needs that go beyond health and education (e.g. housing, employment, and food security).

24 hour program

We offer health and education resources that extend the reach of our in-person programs by giving parents and caregivers activity boxes and strategies to use at home.