School Leadership Opportunities

We are hiring for multiple school leadership roles at The Primary School.  Please see the document below to learn more about the specific opportunities.

The Primary School was created on the belief that the current model of school is too narrow to support the needs of our highest risk children. Our model expands the boundaries of school to 1) start earlier (we admit children at birth), 2) integration with socio-emotional and health supports, and 3) deep engagement with parents.  Our school leadership structure reflects this expanded vision; the expectation of all school leaders is that they both oversee the academic program and play a key role in incorporating these broader supports. As such, for all school leadership roles, we are looking for individuals who both bring deep expertise in managing teachers and schools AND a deep desire to innovate and stretch themselves beyond the traditional school model and principal role.

Detailed job descriptions are available below:

school leader chart 3.JPG