Marla Romero-Sosa


Marla Romero is a Bay Area native who has learned to love the diversity and uniqueness of her home town, Redwood City.

Growing up in a single parent home and with an amazing grandmother who taught her the importance of love, compassion, unconditional support and knowledge, Marla’s curiosity in exploring human behavior, emotions, communication and coping strategies inspired her pursuit of education. After completing her undergraduate studies in Psychology at The William Jessup University, she had the privilege to volunteer with a humanitarian group that traveled to Africa and Cambodia offering medical support. After her return she became a part of the SES Team (Support Enhanced Services) with The Bill Wilson Center in San Jose which focused with at risk youth on probation and their families. Marla provided rehabilitation services in collaboration with Probation officers, other mental health providers and family support. Marla has a strong belief in supporting children, youth and parents. She believes that if we can all learn to find confidence in our strengths we can be empowered to use them to make a difference and impact our future in a positive and joyful manner.