Jessica Torrez Ferro


Jessica Torrez was born and raised in Redwood City and for the past 13 years has lived in East Palo Alto and now Belle Haven. She grew up in a single parent home with her older brother. Her mother, was an immigrant from Mexico, full of life and joy, who showed them the true meaning of an American Dream. From her, Jessica learned the meaning of dedication for work, passion for her culture and community, the importance of family and the eagerness for growth.

She has three beautiful daughters who have all attended Belle Haven school where her husband and her have had the great opportunity to volunteer and lead other parent volunteers. Six years ago, She had the wonderful opportunity to work in Education. She worked for the Ravenswood City School District, Special Education Department, where she had the experience of serving her community. Her and her family also volunteered and joined a group at church where their mission was to unify at risk families. It was during these years of working in education, volunteering for Belle Haven and in her church group that she found her passion for helping others discover their inner strengths and power to overcome any circumstance.