Marisela Alvarez Salazar


Marisela Alvarez was born in Mexico but grew up in East Palo Alto, attended middle school and high school in her community. Marisela is the first generation to attend College and obtain her BA in Child Development with a concentrationon Youth and Families Development.

After graduating from College she worked as a program coordinator for Youth Adelante, a tutoring program for middle school students. Unfortunately the program ended due to funds. Marisela then started as a substitute teacher for preschool students and felt in love with the age group. Marisela then joined the Peninsula Family Service team to work as a preschool teacher. There she had the opportunity to work with children whose families were in transitional homes. She had the opportunity to work with children with disabilities, challenging behaviors and children who experience trauma. As a preschool teacher, Marisela wants to make a positive impact in children and their families and to continue to encourage families to support their children in different aspects such as academically, emotionally and socially.