Maria Whitley


Maria has been a part of The Primary School since 2016, starting as a volunteer caregiver in the Parent/Coaching Program and eventually moving to a teacher’s aide position. Currently, Maria is a full-time paraprofessional after earning her ECE teaching units from Foothill College. Growing up in both affluent and underprivileged communities Maria understands that zip code can make a big difference in the kind of education available for a child. She is passionate about nurturing positive values, quality education, and creating lasting impactful relationships through positive speech and a positive attitude regardless of what the day brings.

Maria has always had a heart for the well-being of children for a greater part of her life. For 15 plus years she mentored, taught, guided and cared for her two daughters as well her five nieces and nephews whom she and her husband fostered while attending to mental health and learning development needs of each individual child. She also volunteers as a childcare provider and small group teacher at Abundant Life Christian Fellowship, which she calls her church home.

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