Joy Irani


Joy holds to two main guiding principles. The first is that we each have a dual purpose in life, which is to develop and grow our gifts and talents, and to use them in order to serve humanity. Mutually reinforcing, we serve more effectively as we learn, and learn from serving, these two processes create a never ending upward spiral. The second guiding principle which informs Joy’s life is that the transformation we seek in the world  requires that injustice is addressed on two levels, both the personal and the societal. Individual growth alone, while important and necessary, cannot eradicate the imbalances under which we currently struggle. Systemic changes are necessary to allow all of us the safety, freedom, health, education and support we need to fully develop and contribute our special, one of a kind sauce to the world.

As Joy has tried to follow these principles, she has used her unique blend of skills and talents in behavioral health, education, advocacy, community organizing and coaching, in the UK and China, as well as in the US. With family in India and Spain and many parts of the US, Joy thrives when she feels she is in a community that reflects and celebrates the beauty and diversity of the human race, its cultures, languages, perspectives, wisdom and art.

 Joy has a BA in Psychology from UC Davis and is a certified Co-Active coach. She has also trained in MBSR, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, and with the Centre for Human Progress, based in Vancouver, Canada.  In her free time, Joy can often be found hanging out with her girls, walking her dog, salsa dancing and doing all of that at the beach, whenever possible.