Katie Dubose


Katie is excited to be a Kindergarten Associate teacher at The Primary School, where the focus is on the whole child. She believes that all children deserve excellence in their education.

Katie grew up in Columbia, South Carolina, and attended college in Memphis, Tennessee. She graduated with a BA in Psychology and Education. She then went into the Peace Corps, serving in Lesotho, a small country located inside of South Africa. She taught English and Life Skills for 2 years at a primary school.

Upon returning from the Peace Corps in 2018, Katie moved to the Bay Area and began working with Girl Scouts of Northern California. She oversaw many adult volunteers throughout the Mid-Peninsula and South Bay.

Eager to return to work with children, Katie found an amazing opportunity with The Primary School. She has always been passionate about improving our educational system, and the integration of health and education at TPS intrigued her. As soon as Katie visited TPS, she could see that all the teachers and staff were determined to create a school unlike any other. TPS has embarked on an incredible journey, and Katie is excited to be a part of it!