Patricia Ibarra Acevedo


Born and raised in East Palo Alto, Patty is a first generation Mexican American living in the Bay Area. She has seen first hand the problems and hardships people of color and low-income communities face. As a result, she has always been driven to give back to her community. Patty attended Notre Dame de Namur University and Foothill College. Before joining The Primary School, Patty worked with the YMCA of Redwood City as an Assistant Director of an After School program. Being the only staff who spoke Spanish fluently and as the assistant director, she was able to gain the experience and see the importance of making a community who does not feel included feel like they belong and the positive impact it has not only on the students, but also the families. As a team member at The Primary School, she is excited to continue helping students grow to their fullest and build positive relationships with them.

As a mother, she knows how important and crucial it is to help children learn how to communicate their thoughts, and the positive impact it can have on a child’s life. The Primary School has greatly influenced Patty to make it her mission to listen to the voices of students and help them achieve their fullest potential. As an educator, she is excited to focus on her work with children, helping them prepare for a higher education.