Our Approach 


what we do


We address barriers to learning and support a child’s academic, health, and socio-emotional development.

We know that there are many reasons why children come to school not ready to learn: children may have experienced trauma; they may be entering school already behind in language and cognitive development; or they may face physical or mental health barriers that make it difficult to concentrate. We not only account for these barriers to learning, but actively work with families and children to overcome them.

Unlike a traditional education model, we take a whole child approach to supporting children and hold ourselves accountable to academic, health, and socio-emotional outcomes.


core program elements


we Start Early

We start working with parents and enroll children into our program as early as birth to reach them at their most critical stage of development.


We integrate multiple systems to serve the whole child

Our unique model unites health care and education, building a multi-disciplinary team and holistic system of care around a child’s full needs.


we work with - not around - families

We know that parents and caregivers are the most important people in a child’s life. We partner with them to enhance the education and health of their children.


program model 

Parent-based support from birth

Our birth to three program strengthens the capacity and confidence of new parents by sharing parenting best practices and helping identify and support their child’s needs early.

School starting at age three

We believe that school should start early, so we are creating a seamless educational experience from preschool to middle school.

Partnership with health care providers

We partner with existing health care providers to coordinate medical care for children, complemented by our own health promotion work in school and family programs.

Coaching and parent support

Every family has a dedicated coach throughout their experience at The Primary School. Parents and caregivers participate in our group-based coaching program in order to grow their social support network, learn how to support their child’s development, and achieve their goals.

Portfolio of partner programs and services

We connect families to service providers in the community to serve the wide range of needs that go beyond health and education (e.g. housing, employment, and food security).

24 hour program

We offer health and education resources that extend the reach of our in-person programs by giving parents and caregivers activity boxes and strategies to use at home.


our partners 

We are proud to work with national and community partners across sectors. They help us enrich our classroom experience and offer personalized health and support services for children and families.