Treyvion Foster


Originally from Boise, Idaho, Treyvion has fully embraced the Bay Area since 2013. While studying Psychology at Stanford University his belief in the potential of all children, regardless of background, was developed. This paired with a desire to contribute to closing the national academic achievement and opportunity gaps in America. His time at university included opportunities to work-study at Bing Nursery School for 3 years, and volunteer with the non-profit organization TeachAids.

Treyvion has a passion for the impact of early childhood literacy exposure, which culminated in the creation of an annual literacy event for children on Stanford’s campus, “A, B, Trees.” He firm believes that revolutionizing American education to invest heavily in the early years of all children equally will create waves of change in achievement, and equal opportunity. As an admirer of Malcolm X, one of his most cherished quotes is: “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”